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Bringing out the Best In Every Situation

We aim to foster a connection to mend and build relationships, impart education and knowledge for strengthening those relationships, cultivate a sense of family and safety, and champion autonomy as the guiding light to individual and relationship growth.  These values define our path in conflict resolution.

Family Support Services

School Programmes & Training

Workplace Support and Training

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Workplace Training & Development

Mediation and Conflict Support/Training

Conflict resolution skills training for staff empowers your team with the skills and tools necessary to effectively manage and resolve conflicts, leading to improved collaboration, reduced stress, and a healthier work environment. Investing in conflict resolution training not only enhances employee morale and job satisfaction but also cultivates a culture of open communication, problem-solving, and mutual respect, resulting in higher productivity and long-term success for your organisation.

Our Training Programmes

Development Skills – Built for your/company needs

Mediation Skills for HR Personal

Understanding Conflict for Staff 

Understanding Trauma in the workplace 

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Family Support Services

Mediation and Conflict Support/Training

Family, whether at home or work, embodies shared principles of respect, empathy, and cooperation. By cultivating these values, we foster a supportive service that mirrors the foundations of solid relationships throughout our business. This approach enhances team cohesion and resonates with clients, as they seek a compassionate and understanding partner during disputes, creating a harmonious and effective mediation process.

Mediation and Support Services

Separating Couples

Child-inclusive mediation – 45 minutes (individual & Family Group)


Families – 6 week programme / 1 hr per week

Training Programme Teen Parenting Support Mediation 

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School Support & Training

Mediation and Conflict Support/Training

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to foster harmonious and productive school environments. From staff and student mediation to facilitating productive dialogues between students, teachers, and parents, we ensure effective conflict resolution. Our tailored training programs empower your school community, offering bespoke mediation and conflict training for teachers and understanding conflict and trauma for both students and parents. With a focus on understanding and collaboration, we work towards building a supportive and positive educational experience for all.

Our Support & Training Programmes

Staff Mediation
Student Mediation
Student / Teacher Mediation
Teacher / Parent mediation
Bespoke Training Programmes for your school
Bespoke Mediation & Conflict Training programme for teachers
Understanding Conflict for Students
Understanding Conflict for Parents
Understanding Trauma and Teaching through a trauma informed lens