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Family Support

What is family mediation and how can it help?

As a family mediator at ACON Resolutions, my goal is to help with stressful family situations, find peace and resolve conflicts. I provide a safe space where everyone can openly express their thoughts, feelings, and needs. Through respectful and constructive communication, we work together to find solutions that everyone can agree on.

By fostering understanding and collaboration, I empower families to make decisions together and create a more harmonious and positive family environment. Let’s work together to achieve resolution, harmony, and a brighter future for your family through the power of mediation.

Andrea ONeill ACON conflict resolution Dublin Ireland

Everyones jouney is unique but I am here to guide you

Action Planning

Together, we’ll create a personalised roadmap for resolution, empowering you with practical steps towards a brighter future.

Enhancing Confidence

I’ll be with you every step, guiding you to regain confidence and assert yourself in challenging situations.

Finding a Balance

Let’s explore strategies to restore harmony amidst conflicts, helping you thrive in all areas of life. Mindset change.

Ongoing Support

Beyond resolution, I’ll provide continuous support, resources, and a listening ear for your long-term success.

Family Support

Andrea ONeill ACON conflict resolution Dublin Ireland

Who can benefit from family mediation?

As a specialist in family mediation, I understand the challenges and uncertainties that families face during times of separation or divorce. At ACON Resolutions, we prioritise you and your children, making their well-being our top priority. We recognise that the process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for children. By committing to finding a resolution that takes their interests to heart, we can guide your family towards a more positive future.

As parents, it’s essential to work together to create a workable solution that benefits everyone involved. By focusing on the well-being of your children, we can maintain a positive and lifelong parental connection. At ACON Resolutions, our mediations are always child-focused, ensuring that their needs and feelings are heard and considered throughout the process.

If you’re going through a separation, divorce, or relationship breakdown, we’re here to provide the support you need. Let us help you determine if family mediation is the right path for your family. Together, we can find a way to navigate this challenging time and create a brighter future for you and your loved ones.

My Services


Couples –  Working together to learn how to understand the other person’s needs and triggers, agreeing on your shared values, having difficult conversations, working together to feel heard and understood, and deepening your relationship through connection. Understanding the culture we bring from our family of origin, how do we design our own culture that incorporates our shared values dreams and ambitions? 

separating couples counselling and mediation Dublin

Separating Couples

This is where an independent, professionally trained family mediator facilitates a conversation to help you and your ex-partner work out arrangements for finances, children and practical details following separation. We will help parents navigate all aspects of co-parenting from parenting schedules, and maintenance payments to specific arrangements in relation to schooling, living arrangements and health. Mediation can also be helpful when previous arrangements you made need to change, particularly as your children grow up. Mediation will allow you to design agreements that are robust but flexible in a way that works for your family and lifestyle.

separating couples counselling and mediation Dublin

Child-inclusive mediation

Child-inclusive mediation is a unique approach where a skilled family mediator, trained as a child consultant, engages with children as part of the mediation process to shape arrangements for their future. Recognising the significance of involving children aged 10 and above in decisions concerning them.

Sometimes, parents or even the child propose including the child in the mediation process. This inclusion is driven by the understanding that insights into the child’s perspectives, needs, and wishes are crucial. While children appreciate being heard and having their options acknowledged, it’s essential for them to realise that the ultimate decision doesn’t rest on their shoulders.

The process of involving children demands careful preparation, tailored to each child’s age and maturity. Agreement from both the child and parents is essential for the consultation, and the mediator determines the appropriateness of child consultation.

Andrea has undergone specialised training to skilfully assess the need for and conduct child consultations.

Direct consultation entails confidential, one-on-one conversations between the child and the mediator. Often, children have valuable insights they want the mediator to convey to their parents, inputs that they hope will shape the decision-making. With the child’s consent, the mediator brings these insights into the mediation.

Consultations generally last around 45 minutes and can involve individual or group sessions with siblings based on their preferences. Typically suitable for children aged 10 and above, there may be exceptions for younger children in unique circumstances

separating couples counselling and mediation Dublin


From my personal and professional experience, I understand how difficult teenage years can be. We have developed a six-week transformative programme tailored for families and parents facing the challenges of the adolescent years. We understand the strain conflicts and disconnection can bring during this pivotal phase. Our program is designed to guide families toward a path of connection and understanding. With expert guidance, open dialogues, and practical strategies, we help you bridge gaps, communicate effectively, and build a stronger foundation of trust and empathy. Embrace the teenage years with confidence, fostering healthier relationships that endure.”

separating couples counselling and mediation Dublin

My Approach


I make family mediation easy and accessible for you. We’ll have an initial consultation to explain the process and answer your questions. Then, we’ll schedule mediation sessions at a location and time that works best for your family, so you can participate comfortably.


I create a safe and supportive environment for your family to talk openly. Together, we’ll develop better communication and problem-solving skills. By finding common ground and working towards creative solutions, we’ll rebuild relationships and reduce stress.


I’ll be there for you every step of the way, providing ongoing support. I’ll help manage emotions, encourage respectful discussions, and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of your family dynamics and find a resolution that benefits everyone.

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I am here to help.  I have helped a vast number of families over the years. Your story will most likely be one I have heard many times. The first positive step is raising your hand and asking for help.


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Your questions answered

What is family mediation?

As a family mediator, I offer a safe and confidential space where families can come together to talk and find solutions. It’s a voluntary process where I help you communicate and work towards agreements that benefit everyone involved.

What issues can family mediation help with?

If you’re facing challenges like divorce, child custody, or difficulties in family relationships, my mediation services can support you. We can address various concerns and find positive ways to move forward together.

How long does family mediation take?

Every family is unique, so the duration of mediation can vary. However, I strive to make the process as efficient as possible while ensuring everyone feels heard and understood. On average, it may take a few sessions, usually lasting around 1-2 hours each, to reach meaningful agreements.