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Andrea ONeill ACON conflict resolution Dublin Ireland

About Andrea

Let’s Find A better way


Hi, my name is Andrea O’Neill, founder of ACON Resolutions. I am an accredited MII mediator and hold a Masters in Mediation and Conflict Intervention. I have specialist training in separating couples and child inclusive mediation. I am a certified CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coach.

I am driven to be a mediator by my journey through conflict. Having once feared and avoided it, I discovered the power of understanding and facing it head-on. Witnessing my relationships transform, I am passionate about guiding others through conflict, offering insight and knowledge to foster better relationships, and helping them embrace conflict without fear.

A better way,

I know personal conflict is tough. It can make us feel overwhelmed, stuck and even isolated. We may find ourselves grappling with differences opinions, values, and interests, with no clear path to resolution.

When we’re caught in the midst of conflict, it takes a toll on our emotions and mental well-being. We feel stressed, anxious, and even physically uncomfortable. Our minds keep replaying scenarios, and we can struggle to find a solution or even see a way out.

That’s where I can help, as a mediator I can facilitate conversations between individuals in conflict. I work to create a safe space to allow for an open and honest discussion. As a mediator  I work with those involved to empower them to explore solutions together.

It will help you gain fresh perspectives and a chance for growth and resolution. It is not always an easy proceed but with the support of a mediator, you can transform conflicts into opportunities for understanding and positive outcomes.

Conflict is part of life, how we deal with it is a choice. I want to help you find a better way through conflict.



Andrea ONeill ACON conflict resolution Dublin Ireland

My Work

As a seasoned mediator and expert in conflict resolution, I am honoured to contribute to the academic development of future Human Resources professionals at NCIR. The opportunity to lecture on Mediation as a module within the Masters in Human Resources program is a privilege that allows me to impart practical knowledge and real-world insights. Through interactive sessions, I aim to equip students with a deeper understanding of mediation’s pivotal role in managing workplace conflicts effectively.

I am committed to nurturing their skills, fostering a nuanced understanding of conflict dynamics, and instilling the importance of cultivating a harmonious work culture. This engagement is a chance to inspire the next generation of HR leaders to embrace mediation as a cornerstone for nurturing positive workplace environments.tion to mend and build relationships, impart education and knowledge for strengthening those relationships, cultivate a sense of safety, and champion autonomy to enhance individual and relationship growth.  These values define our path in conflict resolution.

My Ethos

I aim to foster connection to mend and build relationships, impart education and knowledge for strengthening those relationships, cultivate a sense of safety, and champion autonomy to enhance individual and relationship growth.  These values define our path in conflict resolution.

I believe that building connections in relationships is vital as they form the emotional glue that binds individuals. These connections foster understanding, empathy, and trust, enabling us to navigate challenges and celebrate successes together. Strong connections also enhance communication, allowing people to share their thoughts and feelings openly, deepening their bond, and promoting long-lasting, meaningful relationships.  Connections contribute to the resilience and fulfillment that sustain relationships over time.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

– Kofi Annan

In my experience, there is learning in all mediations, not just for the clients but for the mediator, too. Sharing our extensive knowledge around conflict and being part of a mediation process can empower clients to address difficult conversations, be open and honest in their relationships, and help them strive towards a better way.

My Philosophy

Harnessing Your Potential

Autonomy empowers us to be self-reliant while fostering connections rooted in authenticity. Recognising that every dispute is unique, empowering clients to design their processes and agreements encourages ownership and collaboration. This approach respects the individual pace and preferences of those involved, leading to more meaningful and lasting resolutions. By valuing autonomy, ACON supports diverse needs and promotes a sense of control and empowerment throughout your journey with us.

Andrea ONeill ACON conflict resolution Dublin Ireland

"Working with Andrea has been an absolute game-changer for our family. Her warm and genuine approach instantly put us at ease, and her expertise in conflict resolution brought a sense of hope and possibility to our situation. Thanks to Andrea's guidance, we were able to navigate through tough times, strengthen our relationships, and create a more harmonious and loving home. We can't thank her enoughtus."

Joanne, Dublin.

"Andrea truly listens and provides practical strategies tailored to our unique needs. With her support, my partner and I were able to communicate better, resolve conflicts, and rebuild our trust. Andrea's professionalism and dedication to our well-being have made a significant impact on our lives. We are forever grateful!"

Jason, Mullingar.

"She created a safe space for open communication and helped our family find common ground. Through her guidance, our teenager gained confidence, learned valuable life skills, and transformed into a happier and more balanced individual. "

Lisa, Wicklow

Certifications & Awards

MA in Mediation & Conflict Interventation

This qualification demonstrates my in-depth knowledge and expertise in mediation techniques, conflict analysis, and intervention strategies, allowing me to offer highly skilled and informed guidance to individuals and families and organisations in resolving conflicts and finding peaceful resolutions.

Cinergy Certified Conflict management Coach

I have received specialised training and certification in conflict management coaching techniques. This qualification enables me to provide expert guidance and support to individuals, helping them navigate and effectively manage conflicts in their personal and professional lives.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Trained

By completing Youth Mental Health First Aid training, I am prepared to effectively respond to and support young individuals who may be facing mental health difficulties, promoting early intervention and improved mental well-being.

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